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Beginner’s makeup bag

If a tumbleweed’s rolling in an empty and gaping makeup bag or the lip pencil is from 2009, then today’s blog post is for such makeup bags. We’re going to pick beginner-friendly makeup products, which will cover basic needs and maybe we’ll add a little sparkle here and there. What has to be in a beginner’s makeup bag or drawer? Keep on reading.



Foundation creates a smooth complexion on the face. Depending on coverage, it can also hide blemishes. There are beauty products with different textures and purposes available for the foundation. From BB creams to powders. The selection is vast, diverse and confusing for a beginner makeup enthusiast. We’ll give you suggestions that are good for every situation.



ZAO jumestuskreem

ZAO foundation swatches

Beginner’s makeup bag consists of medium or full coverage foundations, that can be worn during workdays as well as special occasions. A good foundation for a combination skin is ZAO Silk Foundation. For a sensitive, oily and irritable skin we recommend PHB Pure Skin Liquid Foundation. Ere Perez Oat Milk Foundation moisturizes and covers dry skin. We recommend applying and blending foundations with a brush or fingers.



Ere Perez Corn Powder translucent läbipaistev kompaktpuuder

Ere Perez Corn Powder translucent compact powder

Owning a powder is not obligatory, but to secure makeup for the rest of the day it is essential. There are different powders – finely milled loose powders, pressed powders, compact powders, mineral powders. In addition, powders have different coverages and shades. A beginner makeup enthusiast has a translucent powder or a powder suited to the skin tone in her makeup bag to secure the foundation. Translucent Ere Perez Corn Powder compact powder and ZAO Mineral Silk finely milled loose powder (500) are good for securing the foundation.



Eyes are the mirror of the soul. In our climate, where there’s little sun and polar darkness lasts for 8 months, it is important to emphasize your eyes and with small tricks change from a tired state to an elated state. We’ll give you suggestions about eye makeup that are essential to a beginner’s makeup bag.



PHB Brown Mascara ripsmetušš

PHB All in One Mascara in brown

A beginner’s makeup bag consists of waterproof or regular mascara. There are a lot of different mascaras in our online shop – the most popular is PHB All in One Mascara, which is also waterproof. You can read more about natural mascaras from one of our earlier blog posts.


Eyebrow powder, eyebrow pencil or eyebrow pomade

For a beginner makeup enthusiast we primarily recommend eyebrow powder, which endures rougher treatment than eyebrow pencil or eyebrow cream. For the brave we recommend trying eyebrow pencil and eyebrow pomade. Apply the eyebrow powder with an eyebrow brush.



Different beauty products can be used very diversely. We bring you 2-3 makeup products, with which you can turn delicate makeup into a glamorous makeup.




Ontic Minerals Structure duo särapuuder ja päikesepuuder

Ontic Minerals Structure highlighter and bronzer duo

Bronzer gives definition, glow and complexion to the face. If you haven’t read our previous posts, bronzer can also be used as an eyeshadow. Matte bronzer is suitable for contouring – defining the jawline, the nose and the cheeks. Bronzer is a good blush, that gives the face a healthy glow.


Lipstick and lip pencil

ZAO Matt lipstick swatches mati huulepulga toonid

ZAO Matt Lipstick swatches

In addition to coloring lips, lipstick can be also used as blush. Brown pencil can be used as an eyebrow brush, eyeshadow, eyeliner or lip pencil. Pencils are incredibly versatile instruments and every beginner makeup enthusiast’s bag should have a brown or nude lip pencil in it.





ZAO Shine up powder 310 särapuuder

ZAO Shine-up Powder 310

ZAO Shine-up Powder is for those who like the wet-look finish and who want to achieve it with a powdery texture. For a more delicate shine apply less; or use more if you want an eye-catching gleam.


Thank you for reading today’s blog post. Definitely let us know in the comments, what else do you want to read about.

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