the masterclass by mario dedivanovic

I went to the The Master Class by Mario Dedivanovic in London

On the 13thof April I had a great honor to attend Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic spring Master class in London. There were over 800 makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts and the class lasted for 3 hours.

The event started at 12 pm and the doors were opened at 11 am. The make-up training took place in the Mermaid theatre, where I arrived 10 minutes before opening. I was surprised that the lines were already very-very long. After 40 minutes I got into the theatre and received the Masterclass notebook, pen and wristband (for which I later received a sponsored giftbag). From the 800 attendees almost 50% had flown in from other countries, which is totally understandable, because this class is the only one in Europe this year. The first class this year took place in Los Angeles, where the model was Kim Kardashian. The third class will take place in New York, for which you can already buy tickets to.



11 tricks I learned from Mario Dedivanovic Master Class


Start from eyebrows and finish with eyebrows

In the first part Mario concentrated on eyebrows, eye makeup and concealer. During the class he mentioned many times that products aren’t as important as makeup technique. Mario started from eyebrows by filling and perfecting them with eyebrow pencil and brush. During the training he continuously complemented the eyebrows and at the end of the presentation as a last touch he secured the brow hairs in place.


Learn to edit

Editing means constantly improving makeup. During the makeup class, brows were constantly corrected and eyes constantly refreshed. Mario suggested taking a few steps away from the model/client and taking a critical look at the makeup – maybe there’s something that needs to be added. When he asked the audience if the model needs more blush (the audience said yes), then the model actually needed more bronzer. It’s also important to know when to stop, because in real life we’re not Instagram models.


Everything that goes onto the model’s/client’s face, goes first onto Mario’s hand

The makeup artist must have the control. Therefore it is important that before applying a product, it has been properly blended on the brush and the right shade has been achieved.


Blend, blend, blend

I feel that 50-60% of the training was blending. Blending changes the outcome immensely. Mario doesn’t like drastic transitions. Therefore he puts great emphasis on blending. It’s worth mentioning that he uses rather small brushes for blending, including the blending of bronzer, highlighter and blush.


When blending with a sponge, first cover it with the product

When blending foundation and concealer, he covered the sponge with the leftover product on his hand every time. Beforehand he applied the foundation and the concealer with a synthetic brush.


Learn to mix different shades

It was very interesting how Mario mixed different shades. He can do a whole facial makeup with only 2-3 pigments with creamy texture. It’s very impressive and shows how little we actually need for doing a makeup, which is something that we have also tried to point out in our blog.


Creamy products leave a more natural look

For photo sessions creamy products are used, even for the eyes. They leave a more natural look and give good foundation for applying powdery products.


Don’t follow trends

Classic makeup is always in. Learn how to do classic makeup and use different makeup trends according to the season. Mario doesn’t like overdone highlighter lines nor strong contours. Blending is the key and know when to stop.


Use 4 times more moisturizer

It might have been even more than 4 times of moisturizer. The secret to a beautiful, radiant and healthy face is using a lot of moisturizer before applying concealer and foundation. Mario said that the oilier the client’s face, the better the outcome.


Instead of powder, swab oily skin with a thin tissue

Of course, powder is needed to secure and refresh makeup. But a tissue helps to remove excess oil that has formed on the surface of the face, so that it doesn’t disturb the makeup. Only after removing the excess oil, refresh yourself with face powder or not at all, if not needed. When using strong makeup, refreshing with powder is not recommended, as it turns the makeup “cakey”.

All in all, I can assure that The Masterclass by Mario Dedivanovic is a very useful and inspiring course. I highly recommend that makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts take part in one of Mario’s classes. I tried to do makeup with the products from our online shop, following Mario’s instructions and this is the final result:

the masterclass makeupbymario result

Post-class result (unedited result)


Thank you for reading today’s blog post. Let us know what new and interesting things you learned and what else do you want us to discuss about in our blog. See you next time!

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