Zero waste is a lifestyle and a philosophy according to which products, packaging and materials are purchased and preserved responsibly. In doing so zero waste products don’t need to be burned or won’t affect land, water nor air. Zero waste lifestyle mainly helps to reduce wasting packages and plastic bags. In the world of cosmetics it usually means refilling products.


ZAO Make-up

zero waste ehk nullkulu meik

ZAO Essence of Nature is an exceptionally ethical brand with its natural, ecological, cruelty-free, vegan and refillable qualities. A large part of ZAO’s products are refillable (even mascaras) and that makes ZAO a unique brand of cosmetics. In it’s homeland France, ZAO is incredibly loved by makeup artists and clients.

ZAO has created 100% natural cosmetics, which takes care of the beauty of skin and nature. Textures, consistency and comfort are as good as with regular cosmetics, except that ZAO values nature, environment and health.


ZAO refillable products in our online store:



Zero Waste makeup routine


Since I have relatively dry skin I prepare my face with hydrating primer. Next I even out the skin tone and apply compact foundation with the foundation brush. Then I hide my dark under eyes with light reflective concealer.

I contour my cheeks with a darker compact foundation shade and again blend it with a foundation brush. Since the skin around the nose area might get oily during the day I use the lightest shade of compact powder and set it with a kabuki brush.

Next I grab a mineral cooked powder in the shade 342 and with a blush brush blend it on my cheeks, hairline and nose. I apply their blush in the shade 323 on the cheeks and highlighter on top of the cheeks.

PS! I always use a large XL size bamboo box, where I keep all powder and compact refills.



When the makeup base application is completed, I move on to the eyes. I’ll keep the eye makeup pretty simple this time and start by applying olive green matte eyeshadow on my eyelids and blending it with brushes. To add some warmth I add eyebrow powder in the shade 261 and bronzer to the crease. On the inner corners I add some highlighter. I put on mascara and draw a thin line with eyeliner, however not doing cat eyes. Then I fill in my brows with eyebrow powder and blend with an eyebrow brush.



zero waste ehk nullkulu meigi lõpptulemus

Next I move on to the lips. Today I’m going with a neutral shade. I apply the ultra matte lipstick in the shade 433 and then contour my lips with a lip pencil in the shade 613. If needed I’ll repeat the process. To give a sheer shine I’ll apply a creamy matte lipstick in the shade 467.


Thank you for reading today’s blog post. We hope it was an interesting and helpful read. Definitely let us know in the comments if you are also moving towards zero waste. Share us your tips and see you next time.

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